Critter Campers create hope with Stars of HOPE

For local elementary and middle school students, Critter Camp at the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley was a week full of caring for animals, learning about the environment and creating hope for someone in need. According to Lynn Hildebrand, a Stars of HOPE volunteer, Critter Camp teaches children about the importance of kindness and [...]

Hildebrand Glows as Stars of HOPE Ambassador

“Lynn is a gift,” said SOH Branding Consultant Fran Sheff-Mauer. Fran and the rest of the SOH team receive weekly… almost daily emails… from Lynn Hildebrand, chronicling her many events and shares of Stars of HOPE with both children and on behalf of animals with the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley. She follows the […]

Wildfires Ignite a New Passion

BY LEANN DILBECK - The intrinsic desires of a mother crosses borders, cultures, and societies. We love our children unconditionally. When they hurt, we hurt. When they rejoice, we rejoice. Our desire to protect goes beyond a grizzly bears ferocity and our desire to guide them to be compassionate, loving, intelligent, tolerant, and productive humans [...]


By Jeff Parness | May 15, 2018 One week ago Friday, I had the privilege of speaking with two Palestinian journalists in Gaza on the phone, Jamal and Mohamed. I spoke with them in both Arabic and English. Mahrhabahn yah Jamal Minshawe wah Mohammed O. Al-Astal (Hello Jamal and Mohamed) Ismi Jeffrey. (My name is Jeffrey) Ana min New [...]

9/11 Memorial’s 5K Run/Walk and Community Day Creates 250 Stars of HOPE

TOP PHOTO L-R: Branding Consultant Fran Sheff-Mauer, NYSTY Board Members: Paige Ellison, Marty Plevel, and Shoshana Dweck; NYSTY Founder & Executive Director Jeff Parness [NEW YORK | April 23, 2018] – Stars of HOPE, a program of the New York Says Thank You Foundation, participated in the 6th Annual 9/11 Memorial’s 5K Run/Walk and Community Day, […]

Symbols of Resiliency – Inspiration in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park

BY LEANN DILBECK – Resiliency looks different to everyone. It looks as different as the pain and adversity that drives a person to their inner depths to uncover what inspires their soul. Watching your home, everything you’ve worked for, every sentimental material item you treasure… along with the homes of your beloved friends and neighbors… […]

Employees Send Hope in Times of Disaster and Tragedy

Often, it is a challenge to provide the right tools and resources in the workplace. “Stars of HOPE” is one solution.

HOPE for Veterans

Thank you Stars of Hope for giving our students an amazing opportunity to share Hope to hundreds of Veterans throughout CT.

Empowering survivors to heal by helping others….

.....AND creating Exponential Hope and Healing in the world. 12 days after the San Bernardino terror attack in December 2015, our volunteers began to hang Stars of HOPE at the shooting site to transform a place of darkness into a place of light and hope. Two weeks later, hundreds of Stars of HOPE painted by [...]

With Renewed Strength and Courage!

The following is a true life story! I share it with your readers because I want them to know that receiving a Star of HOPE truly did make a difference for me.