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The Stars of HOPE Box of HOPE Kits impact our program in several ways,, helping us deliver tangible messages of HOPE and healing by keeping our “HOPE Banks” stocked and ready to respond in communities around the globe while sponsoring another kit to be used at a community or school-funded project. 

You can send stars of HOPE to any of our “HOPE Banks.” HOPE Bank volunteers will then deliver your inspirational pieces of HOPE to the hands and areas needed most. If you know a place locally, which requires HOPE, we wholeheartedly encourage you to deliver your inspirational pieces of HOPE where you see fit! Be sure to share with us where you bring HOPE. We love sharing these stories! 

Kits are shipped 1-3 business days from the date ordered and shipped UPS ground. Delivery of your Box of HOPE kit can take 3-5 business days. If you require rush delivery, contact us directly at info@starsofhopeusa.org

Additional supplies may include a plastic table cover, paper towels, paper cups, permanent markers, and ribbon or pipe cleaners. 

Everyone benefits from creating a Star of HOPE. When a community comes together after a disaster to create Stars of HOPE, survivors feel connected to one another and are comforted by the art-making.

Creating a Star of HOPE will create feelings of optimism, positivity, empowerment, and resilience. This becomes a positive experience for survivors, which can help prevent adverse experiences from the disaster. Schools, service and faith-based groups, and corporations seeking volunteer service projects can also benefit from Stars of HOPE. It provides an opportunity to learn about empathy and that anyone can make a difference through the power of art and messages of healing. It can be a team-building activity, a project for a community service day, and an easy way for everyone to participate in disaster relief and recovery.

Survivors reported that witnessing and receiving Stars of HOPE made them feel hopeful, supported, and connected to others.

When a survivor receives a Star of HOPE, it allows them to feel comforted knowing that they are not alone; this combats loneliness that can happen post-trauma, which can lead to adverse mental and physical health after a disaster.

When Stars of HOPE activate in a community affected by a disaster, it positively impacts people’s lives and helps communities recover and rebuild emotionally from the catastrophe.

The arts are used for social and emotional learning because they teach self-awareness.

The creative process can also connect to the more emotional side of ourselves. For example, through Stars of HOPE, teachers can help their students learn about empathy and what it means to care for others. Students can also learn skills like mindfulness, self-regulation, and problem-solving. Both the process of making the Star of HOPE and the actual Star are excellent vehicles for mindfulness activities.

Stars of HOPE can be adapted for any age group, grade, or skill level and is an excellent opportunity as a lesson plan or unique activity that will positively affect the development of social and emotional learning and the well-being of students.

Through our compassionate corporate sponsors and donors we have school and community grants to help cover costs for qualifying schools or communities. 

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