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Join the Global star collection

Illuminate Hope Around the World

Welcome to the Global Star Collection, where art becomes a beacon of hope, connecting hearts worldwide. Join us in spreading positivity and HOPE.

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What is the Global Star Collection?

The Global Star Collection, a radiant initiative by Stars of HOPE, transcends distances, bringing together people in a shared journey of healing and connection. Each star is a brushstroke of hope, uniting communities globally.

Global Star Collection

Stars of HOPE Bank
2678 Arctic Thyme Vw. #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

How it Works: A Journey of Hope

Allison Blaise and her daughter painting

Create Your Star

Paint a star with messages of hope. Let your creativity flow, knowing that each stroke contributes to supporting a survivor of a disaster.
Stars in a Box

Send Your Star

Send your completed stars back to our global hub. Witness the power of your art making a positive impact around the world.
HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO - AUGUST 6: 5 year old Sofia Kruus tying on a star will be starting kindergarten at the STEM School Highlands Ranch with her mother Jennifer hanging wooden stars that members of the community and people all over the country have decorated in order to support STEM students coming back to school August 6, 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Ohio (Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

Global Impact

Your stars become part of a collective art movement, contributing to installations and community healing projects globally. Experience the profound impact of shared hope.

Why Participate?

Family and friends creating Stars of HOPE

Get Involved: Create Your Stars Today

Purchase a Stars of HOPE Kit and be part of the Global Star Collection. Let your art make a difference, bringing hope to those who need it most.

Share Your Story: Illuminate the Community

Every star has a story. Share your experiences and connect with a global community bound by the healing power of art. Your narrative contributes to the tapestry of hope we weave together.

FAQs: Navigating the Global Star Journey

Explore frequently asked questions about Stars of HOPE and the Global Star Collection. Find guidance on creating and sending your stars, ensuring a seamless and meaningful journey.

Connect with Us: Follow the Global Journey

Stay updated, share stories, and join conversations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Together, we light up the world with hope.

Thank you for being a part of the Stars of HOPE movement. Together, we create stars, spread hope, and build resilient communities.

Hope Banks


Thank you for creating
stars of hope® box of hope

Please Ship completed stars to:

2678 Arctic Thyme Vw. #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.

Transforming Lives Through Art

Triple Your Impact

Join us in spreading hope, resilience, and support through the power of art. Your donation is tripled today, making an even greater impact!