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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Stars of HOPE. We believe that a long-term partnership can help both parties reach their goals while contributing to the mission of turning tragedy into hope at our foundation. Our partnerships are customized specifically for each organization’s priorities, and we offer co-branded cause marketing campaigns as well as other ways your business could get involved, like local activation or event sponsorship opportunities!

2022 National Community Sponsor

2022 Champion Sponsors

Partners in Hope

Thank you to our friends at organizations across the globe who have partnered with Stars of HOPE in communities impacted by tragedy. Together we are stronger. Together we make an impact. Together we heal.

Stars of HOPE Box of HOPE Corporate Creators

Thank you to our donors

We couldn’t do it without you!
You are the heart and soul of this organization, your donations support our survivors in their journey towards healing. Your compassion helps us create art as a way to heal together – but more importantly-you, you empower people by giving them strength when they need it most.

(Our donor list is currently being updated to reflect 2021 donors.)

Hope Banks


Thank you for creating
stars of hope® box of hope

Please Ship completed stars to:

2678 Arctic Thyme Vw. #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.