Seeing the stars brought a sense of calmness in the storm. They stood out among all the destruction. They showed the precious goodness in humanity.

-Francesca Y., Long Island Volunteer Center, NY

Stars of HOPE®

A simple idea that is changing the world.

Stars of HOPE® transforms individuals and communities through the power of art
and personal messages of hope and healing.

Stars of HOPE® is a unique disaster relief and community arts program that empowers children (of all ages) to transform communities impacted by natural and man-made disasters through colorful art and messages of hope and healing.  We have empowered 80,000 volunteers including school children, families, seniors, first responders, veterans, active military, partner organizations, and entire communities to paint inspirational words, messages, and designs on 1-foot wooden stars. These Stars of HOPE are displayed in public places in communities worldwide in the immediate and long term aftermath of tragedy serving as beacons of hope and compassion for all to see.

How to turn any tragedy into HOPE

Introducing Stars of HOPE® Box of HOPE

Hope Box Set

“The first time I saw some stars, I smiled. The second time, I stopped to read them. The next time, I found myself looking for them and excited to see new ones. That was the moment I realized your beautiful stars became my focus instead of the destruction that was once our beautiful life. Thank you for the beauty you are bringing back to us.”
Dana C., Hurricane Sandy survivor, Sheepshead Bay, NY

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Four years ago, one of our amazing volunteers, Kelly Buddenhagen, penned the following beautiful words into a "Prayer for Stars of HOPE." While our program has grown a lot in the past four years and new processes and people are helping us to create so much more hope and healing in the world every single day and in ways we could not imagine, Kelly's words and this prayer is as true today as it was four years ago - and will always be.

Prayer for Stars of Hope

We come from different backgrounds, experiences big and small, tragedies and loss to join this family that creates HOPE.

We are passionate, driven people, knowing we have a power and a mission to change the world - with a simple piece of wood.

There is nothing simple about us or the feelings we bring to the table, but we join in the name of HOPE.

Sometimes we get caught up in the mission and forget HOPE,
sometimes we get stuck in the details and forget HOPE, sometimes we just get busy and forget HOPE.

There are too many tragedies, too many needs, not enough stars, and yet still we try. It is easy to be overcome with the tragedy and forget HOPE.

Ours is a simple task, from a simple piece of wood we bring HOPE.
Each star is hand made, prayed over by each person that touches it, preparing it for the journey that somehow puts the perfect star in the perfect place, designed on a canvas that we cannot see.

This is a simple prayer, a prayer for unification, grace, forgiveness and mercy so that we can focus on what really matters - - - - HOPE.

Help us to remember, it isn't about us, it's about YOU.......and HOPE.

Kelly Buddenhagen
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Thanks to our partners at Groesbeck Rebuilds America we will be painting #starsofhopeusa on March 15. Learn more at #albanystrong ... See MoreSee Less

Dr. Jones from Turner Elementary school is Anchored in HOPE! Can't wait to paint with "her kids". ❤

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May you Rest In Peace sweet Helen. Thank you for reminding all of us "One Day At A Time." ... See MoreSee Less

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From children in a small Texas town that lost 1,800 homes in a terrible fire, to children on the other side of the planet grieving in the aftermath of an earthquake that killed 8,000 people – Stars of HOPE is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE for children to express their feelings while creating public art to lift the spirits of others. Whether “spoken with paint” in a Texas twang or soft-spoken, colonial English accent in the foothills of the Himalayas, every day Stars of HOPE is proving that COMPASSION knows no age limits or geographic boundaries.
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Whether empowering children with a hand-cut wooden star in our very first project in Greensburg, Kansas in 2007 following a deadly tornado, or empowering children with a machine-cut wooden star shipped from our warehouse to the remote Canadian community of Fort MacMurray, Alberta in 2016 following a devastating wildfire, Stars of HOPE knows that the magic to this project lies in the hearts of children and their boundless sense of hope and optimism.

“We adults see with our eyes. Children see with their souls,” a dear friend Arnell once stated poetically. Stars of HOPE allows children to express the pure beauty and love that lies deep within their soul. And that is what helps to heal broken communities and lift up people in need of hope, including us adults.
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