The country’s 22nd school shooting happened on the campus of Santa Fe High School May 18. This horrific tragedy occurred the day before their graduation ceremonies and left the community shattered, while the rest of our country watched in disbelief that this could happen yet again. But the LOVE and support that has poured in from around the world is not unlike what we’ve seen before.

Stars of HOPE will be part of the long-term recovery, and you can too.

Your Stars of HOPE act as a daily reminder of strength to have hope. The unique approach behind Stars of HOPE is that we took a simple art project and turned it into a public art display in a disaster zone. This allows us to give inspiration and emotional support to thousands of disaster survivors within devastated communities who see these messages of encouragement and compassion throughout the long-term recovery phase of disasters.

Order your Stars of HOPE Box of HOPE to support the students, staff, and community of Parkland, Florida.

Where do I send my Stars of HOPE after I have painted them for Santa Fe?

Stars of HOPE

c/o Josh Garcia

200 Agnes Ct. #30

Orlando, FL 32801

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