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Stars of HOPE is a community arts and disaster relief initiative started by the New York Says Thank You Foundation in 2007. Stars of HOPE provides a path to healing designed by survivors for survivors. We provide research-based coping techniques and compassionate social support to those in the days, weeks, and years following a life-altering tragedy.

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As this generation copes with the pandemic and other personal, local, and global stresses, Stars of HOPE recognizes the need to provide life-long coping techniques and opportunities for community leadership. That’s why we’re launching The Stars of HOPE School Club, an after-school space where engaged students can come together to creatively express themselves and learn about/respond to local and global crises.


How it works

Empowering students to transform tragedy into hope

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1. Form a group Find other members – friends and fellow students who share your enthusiasm for making a difference.

Stars of HOPE clubs are peer-led groups that use the power of art to make a lasting impact in disaster recovery. You’ll be able to hold healing events and fundraisers and learn how your work can fill this gap through our innovative self-care programming and techniques to make an immediate difference after disasters strike!  

2. Obtain sponsorship. Who is your favorite professor, coach, or teacher? If required, get consent from your school and find a faculty advisor. Make sure you understand the prerequisites for forming a club at your school.

3. Join “Stars of HOPE” and sign up your club. Fill out our club agreement form to get started. Our student engagement team will contact you!


host a community event

At our core, we believe that partnerships are how you make an impact larger than yourself – whether it’s through disaster relief or youth resilience programs; community engagement initiatives we work with an array of organizations and sectors to customize programming to make the greatest impact. 

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How it works

Customized programming to make the greatest impact

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Our Impact

Designed to personally assist survivors and those who have been affected by tragedy. Our qualified art therapists and certified emotional care responders work with local leaders and organizations to organize community-wide paint events customized to meet community-specific needs.

The Stars of HOPE project is a customizable program used in many different settings. We work with youth to provide resilience and education therapeutic art sessions for communities impacted by tragedy. Our team will work with you to figure out how to best fit your needs, so you don’t need to worry about anything but providing people opportunities. If you are a community directly impacted by a tragedy or disaster connect with us now.

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Corporate Engagement

host a corporate event

The Stars of HOPE project will reduce the emotional distance between corporations and disaster survivors by allowing employees to participate in their offices’ relief efforts. This new dynamic empowers everyday volunteers, who can now express compassion with a sense that they are partaking in something larger than themselves—and providing daily support through hand-painted stars created by each company’s workforce.

The “Box Of Hope” kit enables companies worldwide–no matter where you’re based or how big your team is–to make an impact when people need emotional support most. 


How it works

A way for companies to provide emotional support when needed the most

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Therapeutic arts

There are many positive benefits to using therapeutic arts to enhance employees’ overall well-being.*

Your team can make a massive difference by helping out in times of disaster. We’re here to assist you with any CSR projects. We will ensure that your event is impactful for communities struck hard from natural or human-made disasters and bring wellness into the workplace environment through this “Box Of HOPE” kit initiative! 

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Create hope from home

Tragedy can have a significant effect on people’s emotional wellness. The Stars of HOPE kit allows anyone to send tangible messages of hope and resilience, which aids those impacted by tragedy feel that they haven’t been forgotten about in their time of need. Each Star of HOPE serves as a beacon of HOPE to further our reach to provide additional therapeutic art and long-term healing resources. 


How it works

Give the Gift of Resilience to a Community in Need

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There are many positive benefits to using therapeutic arts in response to tragedy or disaster.

What if you could turn any space into an opportunity for hope? The Box of HOPE Kit does just that! Create a star at your next family gathering, special occasion, or even as part of an activity for the weekend! The HOPE Kit has everything needed, including wooden stars, paints, and brushes alongside an impact guide. You can also send them back to our global “Hope Bank,” where they’ll be used in response to tragedy in countries worldwide, helping strengthen communities one brushstroke at a time. 

More Ways To Help

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Help a community affected by tragedy and loss. Join us to bring hope and healing through art.

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When you make a tax-deductible gift to Stars of HOPE, you help us with supplies and workshops to promote healing.







Due to the current landscape surrounding the current health crisis, all regional “HOPE Banks” are condensed to our “National Hope Bank.” 

National Stars of HOPE Bank
1022 Crestwood Commons Ave.
Ocoee, FL 34761

Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.