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The Mitzvah Project

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In honor of Paige’s Bat Mitzvah, she chose Stars of HOPE as her Mitzvah project. Mitzvah project is a meaningful way to make a difference by participating in hands-on, community-based projects.

Here’s how she did it:

Paige took the challenge upon herself. She and her mom ordered 6 Boxes of HOPE and arranged to do a Stars of HOPE project with each of the classes in her Hebrew School. Paige did the research and decided to send the Stars to send to Poway, CA in response to the Synagogue shooting that had happened on April 27th.

Paige arranged the times that the students would come in with each of the teachers. As a young Jewish woman, she was saddened to learn about the Synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh and again at the Chabad in Poway. She wanted the Poway Community to know that Congregation Beth El in Fairfield, CT was reaching out to let them know they were not forgotten.

“We just want to put some hope and happiness back in their lives with what they have experienced just now.”

– Paige

Paige set up the room and crafted the message of HOPE that would go on the back of each Star. The messages included “Even in the darkest times, we are with you.”

As each class came in Paige explained the project in a way that was age appropriate. She shared with the students the purpose of the Star, and how each child should write a word or image that would make someone smile. The kids were sharing Hebrew words as well and Paige would help them spell them out. She encouraged her classmates and complimented their artistry.

Paige became comfortable presenting in front of the classes and honed her presentation skills since she had to do it 6 times! The students listened carefully and took the project seriously, they worked quickly and focused, some of the teachers painted as well.

At the end of the day, the Cantor from Congregation Beth El, Fairfield came in and sang Hebrew songs which were an inspiring way to end to the project.

When Paige got home she documented the Stars and packed them up with a note and sent them to the HOPE Bank in San Diego.

Stars of HOPE is a wonderful Mitzvah Project that combines kindness, creativity, community, and healing.

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Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.