On March 4, 2019, powerful tornadoes plowed through Lee County in Alabama and killed at least 23 people and left a path of destruction that looked “as if someone had taken a blade and just scraped the ground,” the county sheriff said Monday.

It appears that some people had only a five-minute warning Sunday afternoon before tornadoes ripped through the region. “I would describe the damage that we have seen in the area as catastrophic,” Sheriff Jones said. “Complete residences are gone.” Dozens of homes were destroyed, and that some debris appeared to have been thrown more than a half-mile by the winds.

“These people are tough, resilient people, and it’s knocked them down,” he added, “but they’ll be back.”

With Stars of HOPE, you can help lift the spirits of the devastated communities through messages of hope and the healing power of kindness.

We’ve seen the positive impacts that Stars of HOPE can bring to areas devastated by natural disasters, like the Greensburg Tornado. Families who have lost everything in wildfires feel a ray of hope when they see a brightly painted Star of HOPE… a stark contrast to the destroyed landscape.

Here are some ways you can help Lee County recover with Stars of HOPE:

  1. Paint Stars of HOPE: You can help from home by painting stars with messages of hope and healing and sending them to survivors. Order a Box of HOPE to get started. Once you have painted your stars, you can send them to our Hope Bank near Auburn, AL where they will be delivered to the affected communities.
  2. Donate to Stars of HOPE: After a natural disaster, our team deploys to devastated areas to bring Stars of Hope to survivors. Seeing Stars of HOPE and the words of encouragement and hope from others help survivors feel like they are not alone during their recovery.

Where do I send my Stars of HOPE after I have painted them for Lee County?

2304 Pam Circle
Auburn, AL 36832

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