Healing the Healers: The Unspoken Pain of Being a Healthcare Worker

Every day, there are people who spend their days constantly facing all the different ways the world can fall apart. How unkind people can be to others. And every day, they must find the strength to put people back together again.
Doctor Holding a Stars of HOPE

Nurses. Doctors. Caregivers. Paramedics. First responders. Therapists. Every day, healers are rarely featured on the news. The media has a tendency to highlight celebrity doctors or social media personalities over most of those who spend their days stitching the world back together again.

At Stars of HOPE, we want to help everyone understand how important it is to make sure the healers get healed too.

Why it sometimes hurts to be a healer

Of course, while most healers wouldn’t change their profession for the world, they still have to experience things most will never encounter in their lifetime and there are days when it can all become overwhelming. Being a healer means being surrounded by reminders of how the world breaks down and having to face the limitations of how much can be done to put someone back together again.

It’s also important to remember that the healthcare industry is different from today than it has ever been. Historically, there were ebbs and flows. Wars were periodic. Pandemics and diseases only every once in a while. A lot of attention was focused on curing and prevention, but now that is considered a separate sector of the medical profession. Healthcare workers who put people back together are being asked to work at the highest stress point from any historical period all the time.

The Strength Needed to Be a Healer

Healers have the ability to look at disaster and still move forward. It’s a special kind of strength, and it’s why we admire them so much.

It’s important to remember, though, that for a lot of healthcare workers, the emotional pain is often unacknowledged. Their families are proud of them. Their communities are too. And this sometimes makes it even harder for them to talk about their difficulties and stress.

However, a healer’s ability to be strong does not mean they’re invulnerable to pain.

Emotional Support for Healers

One of the best things that can be done for people who devote their lives to healing others is to create a network of emotional support where they can be listened to and understood. Compassion should be a priority, along with an understanding that healers devote their lives to having the best interests of others at heart.

Stars of HOPE’s mission is to facilitate the emotional healing for anyone who endures tragedy, including healers who are exposed to pain on a daily basis.

We’d like to encourage you to paint some stars and send them to the health workers at your local hospital. It’s a reminder that no matter what they see during their day, there’s someone out there who’s thinking of them and who cares how they feel.

Your message could be what it takes to brighten somebody’s day and give them hope that the world is still filled with kindness, love, and of course, hope.

If you’d like to get involved, click here to find out more.

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