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Gratitude Banners for our Frontline

GAMC Hope Banner

Gratitude Banners for our Frontline

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How people created HOPE right from their kitchen table.

For many of us, the world stopped when life, as we know it went into lockdown. But while many of us stayed home, there were those out on the frontlines, doing more than their jobs, keeping us safe.

Stars of HOPE volunteers asked how we can let them know that we are grateful to them for all they keep doing? To let them know they were not alone. Thank them for the terrifying stress of not knowing how this will affect their health but physically and mentally?

 Stars of HOPE and their community of volunteers stepped up. Sitting down at kitchen tables and creating paper stars of gratitude. Separately we all came together. Callie Kiehl from the 4H little Rascals from Snohomish WA wrote, “Thank you for a small outlet of caring from young kids… they felt like they could “give with these Stars!” Non-profit organizations, schools, museums, and corporations tagged us in over 500 unique stars within the first month.

 What was comforting was the thoughtfulness people had for creating those stars for their postman, the waste management people, their local grocery, and nursing homes. To give thanks for all they do on the Front Line. 

 “Thank you for showing your support of our medical community and all they do! We dropped off the banner for our local hospital yesterday. It is displayed in their primary COVID-19 unit. It is such a wonderful way to provide hope & share our gratitude!”-  Cathy Smith.

Corporations got their teams involved. Stars of HOPE are holding online Creative Virtual Workshops with our Art Therapists, and the word spread and more stars came in for more hospitals, and we created many more Gratitude Banners. 

 The world came together to create a patchwork of creativity, and thanks.

Together we heal. Together we show gratitude.

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