9/11 Memorial’s 5K Run/Walk and Community Day Creates 250 Stars of HOPE


TOP PHOTO L-R: Branding Consultant Fran Sheff-Mauer, NYSTY Board Members: Paige Ellison, Marty Plevel, and Shoshana Dweck; NYSTY Founder & Executive Director Jeff Parness

[NEW YORK | April 23, 2018] – Stars of HOPE, a program of the New York Says Thank You Foundation, participated in the 6th Annual 9/11 Memorial’s 5K Run/Walk and Community Day, Sunday, April 22, as runners and their families painted Stars of HOPE in the memory of 9/11 victims and communities around the world in need of HOPE and healing.

Stars of HOPE has participated in this annual event since its inception.

One such initiative that fosters these connections is the Stars of HOPE program. On Community Day, over 250 stars were painted with inspiring messages, many of which will go to Humboldt, Canada, who is still coping with the tragic loss of 16 following a horrific bus crash of a junior hockey team; Puerto Rico, which is still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Maria, and others will remain local, going to “Warriors for a Cause” in Long Island who will be creating “Hope Trees” for first responders.

Stars of HOPE’s participation was made possible through the sponsorship of New York Says Thank You (NYSTY) global community sponsors KPMG, LLP and Dentons US.

Over 250 inspiring stars with messages of hope will soon be bound for Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as, Long Island to the “Warriors for a Cause.”

Always a beloved event for the Stars of HOPE global family, volunteers included Rochelle Hansen, Jody and Rob Rawdin, Tiffany Jackman, Melanie McMann, and Elizabeth Mauer, Volunteers from “Warriors for a Cause” and Mayra Juarez Gutierrez from KPMG, LLP joined NYSTY Founder & Executive Director Jeff Parness, Branding Consultant Fran Sheff-Mauer, and NYSTY Board Members Marty Plevel, Paige Ellison, and Shoshana Dweck.

Parness commented, “It was an honor once more to paint Stars of HOPE on sacred ground alongside the 9/11 Memorial. It was a beautiful day of people connected to the 9/11 community joining with people from around the world to express their compassion on these Stars of HOPE that will brighten the lives in need of hope around the United States and the world.”

Stars from past Community Day events have gone to Nepal, Ft McMurray, Canada after the wildfires, San Bernardino, Orlando, Ethiopia, Brussels and numerous other communities.




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