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10 Reasons to Give Hope This Holiday Season

Are you looking for a unique gift this Holiday Season or New Year? Do you want your gift to have meaning? How about giving the gift of hope?

If you’re wondering how that works, it’s easy. Stars of HOPE specializes in delivering messages of hope and love to people all over the world after they have suffered unimaginable tragedies or loss. Each hand-painted Star of HOPE you create is a unique piece of healing art… letting people know that they are not alone.


Here are ten reasons why hope makes the perfect gift for the New Year:


  1. Reignites the true meaning of the holidays. Helping others brings cheer and it’s what the holiday season is all about. Why not give a message to someone who needs it, especially at this time of year?

  2. It’s the perfect gift for that person who’s difficult to shop for. It’s hard for them to get annoyed by something that helps others—and hey, even if they regift it, it’s the thought that counts, right? What better thought to pass along to someone than hope? 

  3. It’s a year-long present. Each Box of HOPE comes with fifteen blank wooden stars ready to be painted. That means that, throughout the next year, you can plan for a ‘hope’ day one day per month, with three extra hope days when you need one out of the blue.

  4. It exercises both the creative and emotional muscles. Creativity isn’t a mystical concept; it’s a method of expression and works more efficiently when put into regular practice. What greater gift to give someone than the opportunity to exercise their love, creativity, and hope?

  5. If you’re a parent, it teaches kids a great life lesson. What can be better than teaching kids they have the power to create hope for others? When kids understand the power of their words, intentions, and love, they are more likely to put them to good use. Helping others emotionally heal can be one of the greatest lessons a child ever receives and will stay with them for life.

  6. If you’re a boss, it’s a way of showing employees you care. Gift a Box of HOPE to everyone at the office and tell employees they can count on some creative therapeutic time during the next year. It’s more likely they’ll be excited to come back to the office after the break knowing fun is on the schedule and you’ll be happier knowing your present to them counts as a tax-deductible charitable contribution. 

  7. Everybody benefits. Creating stars is one of the few charitable endeavors where the person offering help benefits just as much as the one receiving it. What Christmas present other than hope has the power to benefit everyone involved in the gift exchange? When you bring hope into someone else’s life, you bring it into yours too.

  8. It’s a gift with meaning. Aren’t we always looking for gifts to bring us some sense of meaning or change? When you make a star for someone else, you also make a lasting memory of knowing you made a positive impact on someone else’s life. 

  9. It ensures hope will be there when it’s needed. In a perfect world, tragedy wouldn’t exist. But it’s an unfortunate fact of our modern world that we have to be prepared for the worst to happen because, for some people, it does come. How will we respond when it happens? Will we get angry or depressed? Or will we be proactive and help create the love that is needed to heal an act of hate?

  10. It is a way of letting everyone know who you are. When you ask for something meaningful as a present, you let others know you’re selfless and care about others. This also works very well if you’re in the position of asking for a gift from someone you want to impress, like a boss or a new relationship. In addition to making stars, you can show your support for Stars of HOPE with apparel, mugs, stickers, or even by creating Holiday-themed HOPE greeting cards


Make your Christmas unique this year. Shop the HOPE store today to find out how you can be a part of the movement. 

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