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The positive benefits to using therapeutic arts in response to tragedy or disaster

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Tragedy can have a significant effect on people’s emotional wellness. The Stars of HOPE kit allows anyone to send tangible messages of hope and resilience, which aids those impacted by tragedy feel that they haven’t been forgotten about in their time of need. Each Star of HOPE serves as a beacon of HOPE to further our reach to provide additional therapeutic art and long-term healing resources. 

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What if you could turn any space into an opportunity for hope? The Box of HOPE Kit does just that! Create a star at your next family gathering, special occasion, or even as part of an activity for the weekend! The HOPE Kit has everything needed, including wooden stars, paints, and brushes alongside an impact guide. You can also send them back to our global “Hope Bank,” where they’ll be used in rapid response to tragedy in countries worldwide, helping strengthen communities one brushstroke at a time. 

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