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2024 KPMG Community Impact Day

August 6, 2024

Join Stars of HOPE USA, powered by Vibrant Emotional Health and KPMG, in painting the world with optimism and solidarity. Order your kit today and spread healing across communities. Together, let’s create a brighter tomorrow! 

The Art of HOPE

Join Stars of HOPE USA and KPMG LLP in spreading hope, joy, and healing globally. With Stars of HOPE kits, you can create beautiful wooden stars adorned with messages of hope for those impacted by mass disasters worldwide. Each kit ordered supports 15 participants, amplifying the impact of your generosity. Thank you for your support in our shared mission of making the world a brighter, more hopeful place.

As you engage in creating hope and healing for others, remember that the process is also a moment of self-care for yourself. Embrace the therapeutic power of art, allowing yourself to unwind, reflect, and find solace in the act of creation. Your compassion not only uplifts others but also nourishes your own spirit, fostering resilience and strength. Thank you for joining us in this journey of spreading hope and making a difference in the world.

Your Star Makes an Impact

Create HOPE and Empower Healing

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Stars of HOPE Box of HOPE Order Form

Fill out the form below, and we'll send you everything you need to start. Please note orders will begin to be fulfilled 2-3 weeks before your project date.

Box of HOPE Kit Contents
Transforming Lives Through Art

Triple Your Impact

Join us in spreading hope, resilience, and support through the power of art. Your donation is tripled today, making an even greater impact!

Hope Banks


Thank you for creating
stars of hope® box of hope

Please Ship completed stars to:

2678 Arctic Thyme Vw. #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.