Turning art into a global
message of hope

Stars of HOPE is a disaster recovery organization
that allows survivors to process their grief through
therapeutic art and mental health intervention.

Together We Make an IMPACT

The Positive Impact The Stars Of HOPE Program Made On The Emotional Recovery And Resiliency Of Survivors Of The San Bernardino, CA And Orlando, FL Terror Attacks And The Greensburg, KS EF-5 Tornado, And 2017 Northern California Wildfires.

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What We Are Doing

Stars of HOPE empowers people of all ages to transform individuals and communities in need of hope through the power of art and messages of healing.

Healing Art

Art helps us process our emotions and gives us a way to release what our words cannot.

School Projects

Help students learn to express themselves through art while teaching them how they can make a difference.

Community Resilience

Deliver experts and resources that help local communities activate their own programs for emotional recovery.

Youth Programs

Raising up the next generation of healers, caregivers, creative therapists, and community networkers.

Corporate Workshops

We work with you and your team to bring the healing power of hope into your community.

Community Response Vehicle

We deliver emotional support and traumatic recovery resources, and on-the-ground support.

How You Can Help

Supporting Stars of HOPE is an opportunity for your organization to play a critical role in the healing of individuals and communities around the world.

Host A Corporate Event

A Social Impact Workshop With Your Team


Together we grow empathy and compassion for communities throughout the world; together we are pioneering communal therapeutic art at a global scale; together we combat loneliness…


“My mom was shot twice in san Bernardino… i’m only 11. So If I can get past it so can you. I hope you get past this, and live your life.”

Ellie Paez San Bernardino, CA

"It was truly a labor of love making the stars with my little boy...it was the best way I could explain any part of that tragedy to him. I just told him that I don't know why bad things happen and sometimes you just have be the good you want to see in this crazy world."

Faith Leonard Volunteer & Mom - Arizona

"How can a piece of wood shaped into a star have such power? These little colored stars began popping up on our trees, utility poles, broken and battered fences. I didn’t know where they came from. They just catch your eye in the middle of chaos and sadness. I’ve learned more about these little things and their unseemly way of changing a moment.

Elizabeth Treston Hurricane Sandy

    Box of HOPE Kit

    Opening a Box of HOPE opens up a world of compassion, creativity, and connection. The Kit comes with all the tools you need to create hope for others.

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    Due to the current landscape surrounding the current health crisis, all regional “HOPE Banks” are condensed to our “National Hope Bank.” 

    National Stars of HOPE Bank
    1022 Crestwood Commons Ave.
    Ocoee, FL 34761

    Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.

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