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We're using art to help people heal after tragedy

Tragedies such as mass violence and natural disasters leave many survivors feeling hopeless. To give them hope, we use evidence-based therapeutic art making in the form of a star to compassionately support survivors while providing healing art sessions for both body and mind. 

The long journey to heal begins with hope

We’re here to bring communities together to make a positive difference in the lives and futures of every community we work in. In 2019 FSU researchers conducted a groundbreaking study on how Stars of HOPE impacts its participants—and found we have lasting effects beyond expectations! 

Give back to victims of disasters and tragedy

Volunteer with us in ways that will make a difference. From home to the office, and even on your own time – we have something for everyone!

Create Stars of HOPE for a community

Retaining hope is critical in individual and community-wide recovery. In fact, “instilling hope” is listed as one of the five essential elements of immediate and mid-term mass trauma intervention

We're making an impact on the mental health of survivors and thrivers

We’re a recovery organization that helps people process their grief through therapeutic art and mental health intervention. We do this by combining the positive influence of artistic expression with narrative exercises in a supportive setting. 

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Create stars of hope for our rapid response banks

When you buy a Box of HOPE kit you create art for someone in need, you improve your mental health, and all proceeds benefit our healing art sessions in impacted communities. 

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Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.

Transforming Lives Through Art

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