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How can you create Stars of HOPE with your family, friends or colleagues? Here are some ideas how you can make a difference

Why Stars of HOPE?

Stars of HOPE
Box of HOPE

Everyone benefits from creating Stars of HOPE. The process of painting a star will build feelings of optimism, positivity, empowerment, and resilience for not only the maker but the receiver.

We are providing the opportunity to learn about empathy and compassion. You are are creating a positive experience for survivors, which can help prevent adverse experiences after tragedy. 

Our Box of HOPE Kit makes it easy for families, classrooms, service, and faith-based groups, and corporations seeking volunteer service projects to create art for others.


our guiding principals

  • We have pioneered a new paradigm at the intersection of mental health and art
  • Empower survivors to pay-it-forward
  • Everyone can make a difference in our world
  • This project will help teach empathy, compassion and helping others impacted by disaster


Your Box of HOPE will arrive with everything you need to create hope with your friends and family. This project will help teach compassion, empathy and helping others.


Paint and create HOPE to Others Paint messages of HOPE and healing write your name and message on the back (Logo side)Flip it over and paint. Your star will bring hope to a community or individual


Give Hope to Others Deliver your stars to anyone in need of hope – from across the street to across the country. These stars are not meant for you to keep, they are meant to spread hope!

with your help we have impacted millions across the globe

Stars of HOPE Created

Do You Want To Help create HOPE ?

Our Box of HOPE kits make it simple to get involved

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