Star of HOPE Dream BigWhat’s a HOPE Tree? HOPE Trees are a way to grow HOPE and send a message of support and healing to the people who protect and serve us: our firefighters, police officers, EMT’s, 911 call center operators, doctors, nurses. HOPE Trees give survivors who are in need HOPE, a positive shock of something unexpected and beautiful.

Stars of HOPE® is a perfect project for people of all ages.

How to create a HOPE Tree?

1. Order a Box of HOPE.

2. Create and paint messages of HOPE and inspiration on the stars. Let them dry and brush polyurethane to protect them.

3. Tie with ribbon-loop through the hole and leave at least 18 inches per side to hang.

4. Take your stepladder to your community location, ask for permission, and tie them on the tree!

Send us your pictures, videos, and stories or tag us @starsofhopeusa

Darn those little things. How can a piece of wood shaped into a star have such power? Almost 5 years ago plus a couple of months, these little-colored stars began popping up on our trees, utility poles, broken and battered fences. I didn’t know where they came from. They just catch your eye in the middle of chaos and sadness. I’ve learned more about these little things and their unseemly way of changing a moment.

Elizabeth Treston, Long Beach, NY