Stars of HOPE. A Simple Idea
That is Changing the World

Stars of HOPE® is transforming the way people express
compassion and connectivity following disasters.


Stars of HOPE® is a unique disaster relief and community arts project that empowers children and families to transform communities impacted by natural and man-made disasters through colorful art and messages of hope and healing.  What makes Stars of HOPE so powerful is that we have turned a therapeutic arts program into a community-wide public art installation which extends the healing power of these beautiful stars and their hopeful messages to thousands and tens of thousands of neighbors dealing with the traumatic after effects of disaster.


Stars of HOPE believes everyone can give someone else hope – even those who have seemingly nothing to give.
From the disaster survivor of any age struggling to rebuild, to the retiree struggling with depression. From a juvenile detainee behind bars, to a child in a pediatric oncology unit, and a veteran battling PTSD, anyone can be empowered to find the words to paint on a wooden star that will touch someone else’s soul and lift their spirits – even if just for a moment.


Stars of HOPE is transforming the traditional disaster relief dynamic of food-clothing-shelter by introducing a critical 4th element – HOPE –into the immediate and long term recovery process. Our impact reaches broad and deep in strengthening the resilience of communities in need, impacting at-risk youth, and bolstering the mental health of children, families, and entire communities in the wake of tragedy nationwide, and globally.

Stars of HOPE engages all facets of the community from children to families, seniors, educators, first responders, military veterans, faith-based, corporate and civic groups to participate in our school, community, home and corporate painting events.

Stars of HOPE become new landmarks in towns left barren by twisters, blackened by fires, flooded by hurricanes, or left emotionally adrift by catastrophes and acts of violence. In some communities, Stars of HOPE have continued to shine as beacons of hope for years after their initial installation.