[nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Professor Scott T. Allison” nfw_testimonial_job=”Professor of Psychology at the University of Richmond” nfw_testimonial_image=”649″]The Stars of HOPE program utilizes the latest scientific findings in positive psychology and heroism science to bring healing, growth, and resiliency to a world thirsty for loving kindness. The guiding principle behind Stars of HOPE is producing heroic transformation in people through their participation in compassionbased community healing. There is no organization more effective in converting despair into love, loss into recovery, and tragedy into triumph. Through connective volunteerism and social transformation, the Stars of HOPE showcases the power of love and service in cultivating the best of humanity.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Susan Schrott, DCSW. LCSW, CEDS, CYT, White Plains, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Certified IAEDP Eating Disorder Supervisor Certified Kripalu ” nfw_testimonial_image=”844″]I feel blessed to be able to create Stars of Hope for people I may never meet, knowing that my Star brings hope, healing and love to someone who is in pain. Creating Stars of Hope with friends, family, students and colleagues bring us closer together as we unite in our joint efforts to bring joy, inspiration and hope to those in need. I feel ever more committed to my value of repairing the world and healing the wounded heart.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Barbara Poma” nfw_testimonial_job=”CEO ~ Executive Director onePULSE Foundation, Inc.” nfw_testimonial_image=”1793″]Stars of Hope has impacted me in so many ways. They have provided the feeling of comfort when the first box appeared, the feeling of relief when watching the affected read them and then, in return, make them and the feeling of inspiration when watching others find peace and healing. They are a true healing mechanism that has brought people together. They have given people a way to pay it forward and the world needs more of that.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Rosie La Mont-Stevenson, Santa Rosa, CA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”3104″]Wow. I didn’t know organizations like yours exists. So this is how people like you make the world a little brighter for those who need so much. Thanks for all you do. Even thought we didn’t lose our home or neighborhood, we have very close friends who did. We felt their pain during those fires. Now…hope is blooming up from the ground in the form of grasses and tiny flowers.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Leah Friedman, White Plains, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”209″]My deep gratitude to Stars of Hope. It gave me the opportunity to express the way I feel about sending love and support to others in need. While I was creating my particular Star of Hope, I felt connected to at least the one person whose life would be uplifted if for only a brief moment of pleasure. We save the world, one person to one person. Thank you for creating this beautiful project.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Sister Mary R., Long Beach, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”652″]It is now Sept 22, 2016, many years from Sandy and Long Beach is still building and rebuilding and hanging in there. I just want to thank you and all involved because I am still getting inspired by the Stars of Hope. We just had strong winds from Hurricane Hermine but the stars are still hanging all around and I’m always finding them here and there. What a great name for them…the Stars of Hope because they certainly are….and after all these years they are what they intended to be…signs of hope. Thank you , thank you, thank you. What a wonderful idea! Gratefully.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Elaine L., Hesston, KS” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”193″]We were in Hesston last week and saw these – A great idea! We wondered who made them as they are so uplifting and full of hope. There are so many!! Thank you – they are making a difference! [/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Ramona W., Hesston, KS” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”194″]Great idea to brighten everyone’s lives when they see all the Stars round town!! People know that Hesston is thought about all the time with love and happiness.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Stacy Lynn S., Staten Island, NY ” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”195″]I live in Staten Island, NY and 3 years later I still see the beautiful stars your group painted throughout our neighborhood. As we are still rebuilding today it’s a beautiful reminder of all the people that sent us hope and love and they still remain hanging on the poles in the area to this day.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”-Disability Health II Project – NCDPD” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”196″]We saw the Stars of HOPE® all over Minot, ND after our 2011 flood, such a great promise of hope for the community. [/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”-Monique L., San Bernardino, CA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”197″]Thank you for these beautiful Stars. They truly make going to work that much easier.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”-Jessica B., San Bernardino, CA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”198″]I am so grateful that the stars hanging from the fence surrounding the IRC compelled me to pull over and investigate more. It was humbling to see the love, support and hope sent from around the country and know that we are not alone in the journey of healing. As I continue to say, the symbolism of these Stars of HOPE surrounding that awful place is so powerful.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”-Kristen W., San Bernardino, CA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”199″]I love seeing the stars every day.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”-Gery N., San Bernardino, CA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”200″]Thank you so much to all the kids at Boys and Girls Club of Walkill, NY who painted all these beautiful Stars of HOPE at the Heart- A-Thon fundraiser for the Catskill Regional Medical Center’s cardio pulmonary department! So much hope and love benefiting so many. These Stars are now on their way to San Bernardino to keep lifting the spirits of the community there.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Suzanne B., Toronto, Canada ” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”201″]On behalf of my fellow Canadians thank you for sending your love and support this side of the border.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Linda K., Carls, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”202″]Thank you! After Hurricane Sandy, it was so comforting coming home and seeing these stars on my block. Three years later they still hang here and still make me smile. Xoxoxo [/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Rhonda M., Alpharetta, GA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”203″]As a Childhood Cancer Mom, today I received on of the stars painted by these wonderful and compassionate kids. I want to thank them personally for their love, support and hard work. My son was diagnosed with Brian Cancer at 7 years of age. He went through 30 days of radiation to his brain and full spine, followed by 13 months of Chemotherapy. He also had left sided paralysis, was unable to talk, swallow or eat, and also unable to close his eyes or his mouth after surgery. Over time he has regained the ability to swallow & eat, talk and walk again. We are truly blessed. But to the parents of these children, thank you for teaching them compassion and love for others. The star means the world to us.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Beth H., Hurricane Sandy Survivor, Massapequa, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”204″]As a mother of two girls I want them to grow up strong, to be part of something important, and to know you can and should make a difference in someone else’s life. A very bad thing happened to our family and this is a way for us to give back to another community struggling for normalcy. It’s our way to Pay It Forward.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Dana C., Hurricane Sandy Survivor, Sheepshead Bay , NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”205″]The first time I saw some stars, I smiled. The second time, I stopped to read them. The next time, I found myself looking for them and excited to see new ones. That was the moment I realized your beautiful stars became my focus instead of the destruction that was once our beautiful life. Thank you for the beauty you are bringing back to us.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Jeff P., New York, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”206″]On the morning of Thanksgiving Day 2012, Evan and Josh woke up and decided to give HOPE to families in the Rockaways who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy. Marcelle from Georgia, Eva from Texas, and Kelly from Chicago showed up in New Jersey to give HOPE too. Kids in Texas and New York gave HOPE to Massachusetts after the tragedy at the Boston marathon. And children in Kansas gave HOPE to Kessenuma, JAPAN on the 1-year anniversary of the Tsunami. Compassion knows no age limits or geographic boundaries.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Meghan C., Flanagan, Rockaway, NY ” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”207″]Your stars are still hanging in Rockaway and are a constant reminder of your support during the difficult early days – thank you! [/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Francesca Y., Long Island Volunteer Center, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”226″]Seeing the stars brought a sense of calmness in the storm. They stood out among all the destruction. They showed the precious goodness in humanity.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Sue D., Newtown, CT” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”208″]I live in Newtown and in the aftermath of the horrific tragedy, there were countless memorials, tributes, signs and banners all over our town and neighboring towns offering messages of love and support from all corners of the globe. Truly overwhelming and amazing. But one example that really stood out for me were these brightly colored wooden stars that were springing up on poles all around town. Each different, each beautiful, with special words of encouragement, support and love. I didn’t know where they came from, or who put them there, but they moved me beyond words. That perfect strangers would take the time and effort to do such a beautiful thing offered reassurance that people are loving and kind and caring and good…just what this town needed to hear!! This past week through the company I work for, I was able to visit the Rockaways, meet with some local residents and business leaders, and view the terrible destruction from Hurricane Sandy. As we toured through the devastated areas, I was brought to a stand still, and to tears, by a familiar looking brightly colored, beautiful star posted on a telephone pole. This one said “We believe.” Please let the amazing people behind these special stars know that they are making a real difference. To offer messages of compassion and hope to strangers in despair is a truly a remarkable and inspirational gift. THANK YOU!![/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Steve G., Brooklyn, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”210″]Thank you for all the Stars you guys put up in Gerritsen Beach! My 5 year old daughter and I had lots of fun discovering and reading their messages today. She was very excited and wants to make some stars for others to read and discover! Thank you![/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Charlie B., Joplin, MO” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”211″]When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Rob, Breezy Point, NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”212″]Hello, My name is Rob and I live here in Breezy Point NY. I just wanted to say thank you for your great work. After Sandy myself like many of my neighbors lost everything. I will never forget the first day I saw your Stars of HOPE. At first I was taken back as I was standing by what’s now known sadly as the fire zone. Everything was black from the fires, but this colorful star caught my eye so I approached it. I don’t recall what it said, but I do recall how it made me feel. I felt comfort, healing and happiness someone was thinking of us because at that moment in time it sure didn’t feel like it. Looking into destruction and seeing people digging through soot to find a plate from their grandmother was something I will never forget. But these stars were a constant reminder to keep our heads up as many of us have. After a few months construction slowly started and I noticed the stars were disappearing from the new poles and some were fading badly. So I collected a few to preserve. I will have these on display on my newly built deck for all to see. So thank you for the words of inspiration and know it’s working. We still think about all you guys children almost daily when we see these stars. While faded their message is still strong.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Jon-Paul R., Brooklyn NY” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”213″]Hi. I am from Broad Channel, Queens. I remember the first day I saw the stars that were put up on all the telephone poles around my neighborhood. It gave me such a great, uplifting feeling to have someone do that for me and my neighbors. I just found your group and wanted to drop by and just say Thank You! You gave not only me, but many of my neighbors something in a true time of need that really can’t be described. It was and is truly awesome. Thank You again.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- from a 5th generation resident of Greensburg, KS” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”214″]“We have been blessed by so many volunteers from around the world who came to help us rebuild following the tornado. But I wanted you to know that no one did anything as inspiring for us as what you did with those Stars of HOPE”.[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Marla E., Albany, GA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]”As the Admin for the Albany, Ga Tornado Help Page, of nearly 17,000 people.. and going into the 10th week of recovery… The assessment drives and survivor needs were taking a toll. Although, the Volunteers had moved mountains and we saw our community come together Beautifully, there was still an enormous amount of work left to be. As I drove toward Hill Rd. like I had done so many times since January 22nd… for the first time, I thought, Will We ever Recover? The F3 Tornado raged through this highly populated area and as I turned onto Hill, heavy hearted and overwhelmed, I noticed these Bright and Beautiful STARS OF HOPE lining the pathway! My overwhelmed turned to excitement, my exhaustion turned to renewed energy and my wonder, turned to Renewed HOPE!! These lovely Child Spirited Stars Brightened my path to continue working to help our Community. I photographed many and videod my drive and shared it with the page.. within hours many more posts appeared sharing the mutual feeling of this much needed visual among the Destruction. I continued my drive and saw elderly walk to the curbs to see what had been placed in their yards, a school bus stop and point them out to the children.. Beautiful Stars.. Everywhere Bringing so much Hope where it was desperately needed. Thank You Stars of Hope!! Mission Accomplished in Albany, Georgia.”[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Steve O., Albany, GA ” nfw_testimonial_job=”Emergency Operations Center Volunteer” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]”It is an amazing transition of feeling to drive by an area that is destroyed and then drive by it the next day and see Stars of Hope flooding the area to reassure our hearts that there is indeed HOPE! Thank you so much Stars of Hope for showing your love to our community and proving that there is love and hope in the midst of destruction. We love yall!” [/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Angela, Albany, GA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]”When I see the stars, I think, yeah I’ve been knocked down, but someone out there is thinking of me.”[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Steve, Albany, GA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]”My heart has literally cried through this disaster and when Stars of Hope showed up, it brought joy. Nobody really can understand how a Marine who was called to be a volunteer coordinator experienced this.” Steve, Albany, GA[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- John JD Sumner, Albany, GA” nfw_testimonial_job=”Public Information Officer for Dougherty County Schools (DCSS)” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]“The DCSS is thrilled to have a relationship with an organization like Stars of HOPE. Studies have shown that art is therapeutic in times of stress. We can think of no better way to help our students cope with our disaster than by making Stars to put out in our community,” [/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Victoria, Albany, GA ” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]”My Star was from a little girl in NY. When I first saw the Star it touched my heart. but to find out who and where it was made, it was extra special. Ray from Jimmy Britt Builders brought it to me with a beautiful smiling face. So now I’m waking up. Every day. Singing! Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart……it brought me joy. Only Joy.”[/nfw_testimonial][nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”- Marcelle R., Canton, GA” nfw_testimonial_job=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”854″]”My heart is FULL!”