Weston, CT Middle School Honors Veterans.

Teaching children the importance of service.

stars of hope, box of hope, westonWhat could be a lovelier way to honor the Veterans in Weston and the surrounding communities than to spread hope? Weston Kiwanis sponsored the entire Weston Middle School to paint Stars of HOPE for the Veterans of Fairfield County. Weston Middle School teachers helped the students to create and message Stars of HOPE throughout the month of October. The Stars of HOPE that were painted by the students included notes of thanks and appreciation for their military service. 585 Stars were created, shared, and gratefully appreciated. The students learned about the importance of service, and researched powerful and meaningful quotes to include in their messages. The students brainstormed words that expressed gratitude, and came up with uniquely individual and thoughtfully crafted expressions of hope and appreciation.  Photographs were shared with our students so they could actually see how wide spread this project reached. To see our students standing tall and proud with the biggest grins on their faces, knowing they made a difference in a veterans life, is the greatest joy. This will be etched in the memory for life!

“As part of our Veterans Day celebration at Weston Middle School, we were quite fortunate to do something extra special for both our students and Veterans. We heard about your amazing organization and the impact it has had on many so we approached our Weston Kiwanis Chapter to fund this simple, yet powerful project. I can’t begin to express the impact it had on our students. With only a few lessons on Veterans, who they are, what they have done for our country and the importance of honoring them, showing our respect and gratitude; this became truly one of the most meaningful projects Veterans Day projects!” – Peggy Jorgensen, Retired Gifted and Talented Teacher and Mock Trial teacher and Coach