The Story of DENTONS

How a law firm in NYC let children in an Iraqi refugee camp know that they were not forgotten.

John Balouziyeh, a DENTONS Associate

Stars of Hope® shine brightly

In commemoration of the 9/11 Anniversary in 2015, global law firm DENTONS, gathered attorneys and staff alike to paint Stars of HOPE®, which were sent to the Madrasat Ashtar Refugee Camp in Erbil, Iraq to lift the spirits of Yazidi and Syrian children displaced by war.

John Balouziyeh, a DENTONS Associate, who heads an award winning legal advocacy project for Syrian refugees brought the stars to Iraq through the Norwegian Refugee Council.  John said about his experience,“the Stars of HOPE shine brightly against the gray dullness of weathered tents and the improvised shelters. Their words bring messages of hope in otherwise desolate landscapes. Their bright colors stand out against and overpower the destruction that surrounds them, reminding us that human kindness always triumphs over cruelty and indifference.”

“When I saw my Star of HOPE hanging on the tent at the Syrian refugee camp with the four young girls, I was overcome with emotion to realize something I painted made its way to Iraq to touch the lives of these children.” -George Medina, paralegal, DENTONS, New York City