The Story of Mrs. Walker

“Not until our participation in the project did I truly realize how beneficial this is to kids. They are often asked to bring in canned goods, money, used clothing or toys for families in need. Many times, it is their parents providing the items for the kids to simply deliver. Stars of Hope is so much more. First they discuss tragedies they’ve heard about on the news, from parents or friends. They talk about how those people must feel. They now have a connection with strangers in need. Next, they enjoy painting stars any way they wish! They are smiling and thinking about an encouraging message to write on the back. They try to make it special, just like the person who will receive it. Then they share their stars with their classmates and get smiles and compliments from their friends. Do you see what is happening here? Not only are they doing something uplifting for others, but they are lifting themselves up! And most importantly, THEY did it and they felt good about helping someone else. Isn’t that all we really want to do in life? Help others? And in doing so,we help ourselves! Thank you again for providing such an important opportunity for youth. You are spreading kindness around the world!”

“As I reflect on the Stars of Hope opportunity we had the past two years, I get emotional!” -Mrs. Walker, Council Bluffs Elementary School