The Story of Pulse

The Pulse community has been actively involved in Stars of HOPE since we arrived there in June 2016.

Since then, Stars of HOPE has been part of the Pulse 6 month service, Orlando United Day on the 1st anniversary. The Stars from Pulse have gone on to Manchester, where people welcomed the Stars of HOPE team with open arms. And volunteers have held events for the families and friends who lost loved ones.

The volunteers from Pulse have joined us in San Bernardino, and now Las Vegas. They have created stars for Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Florida Keys, and the Napa fires.

Stars of Hope has impacted me in so many ways. They have provided the feeling of comfort when the first box appeared, the feeling of relief when watching the affected read them and then, in return, make them and the feeling of inspiration when watching others find peace and healing. They are a true healing mechanism that has brought people together. They have given people a way to pay it forward and the world needs more of that.

Barbara Poma

Pulse Nightclub Owner, Founder OnePULSE Foundation