Lynn Hildebrand and the Humane Society of San Bernardino

Lynn Hildebrand, Director of Education at the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley has become one of the most involved Ambassador’s of HOPE. Lynn recognized that Pet Therapy departments in hospitals are very stressful for the Volunteers and started to send Stars of HOPE to Humane Societies’ across the country.
Since then Lynn has incorporated Stars of HOPE in her program with children,“The Power of One”. Stars have been created at the summer Critter Camp and shared with communities in need as well as the K9 Force in San Bernardino.
Lynn did the Stars of HOPE program in a second grade class. These young children told the story of Stars of HOPE in their Christmas program and not only created stars for a local Homeless Shelter but added socks and other considerate things the shelter needed.

“In giving others the opportunity to show concern for others, that person making the star feels better and the person receiving the star feels better- and we can transform the world!” -Lynn Hildebrand