The Story of Albany, Georgia

1,375 Stars of HOPE® were painted in Albany, GA

Albany, Georgia was hit by two tornadoes that destroyed many homes and businesses around the schools. Teachers chose Stars of HOPE to be a hands on project to teach their students how to make a difference in their own community.

1,375 Stars of HOPE were painted by the students of Radium Springs and Turner Elementary School, and St. Teresa School.  1,200 students, teachers and administrators participated in the project over the course of one week.

Thirty Stars of HOPE volunteers came from Georgia,  Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to help facilitate this project.

The Stars of HOPE painted by the students lifted the spirits of the Albany Community that lost so much in the January tornadoes. Stars of HOPE were staked along the streets, in front of homes and all around the school district to bring light and color back to a community that has suffered so much.

These stars touched my heart several times this week. THANK Y’ALL for thinking of our community during a very hard time. Much love from Albany, GA.

Barbara Cornett