[nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”1793″]”Stars of Hope has impacted me in so many ways. They have provided the feeling of comfort when the first box appeared, the feeling of relief when watching the affected read them and then, in return, make them and the feeling of inspiration when watching others find peace and healing. they are a true healing mechanism that has bought people together. They have given people a way to pay it forward and the world needs more of that.”-Barbara Poma, OnePULSE foundation CEO, Orlando, Florida[/nfw_testimonial]
[nfw_testimonial nfw_testimonial_name=”” nfw_testimonial_image=”6093″]”Thank you for everything you and your team do! People like you allow us to keep faith in humanity and the role you play in society is vital to ensuring people like me, my colleagues and your normal person on the street feel supported and cared for by the public. please pass on my thanks to your team and 1000’s of heartfelt thank you to you for what you do for people you don’t know, never met and treating them with dignity and respect.”- Tyler O’Hare, Police Constable, London Metro Police, England[/nfw_testimonial]