Community Response

Everyone benefits from creating a Star of HOPE. When a community comes together after a disaster, survivors feel connected to one another and are comforted by art-making.

The process of creating a Star of HOPE will build feelings of optimism, positivity, empowerment, and resilience. Creating a positive experience for survivors and community members who can help prevent adverse experiences from the disaster.

Stars of HOPE provides an opportunity to learn about empathy and that anyone can make a difference through the power of art and messages of healing.

Through our compassionate corporate sponsors and donors, our community projects are entirely funded to continue support in communities for years to come. 

HOPE… its the first need to recover. It gives us faith that things will get better

know a community that requires hope?

If you know of a community, domestically or internationally, that requires hope, please let us know. Simply fill out the contact information and we will get in touch shortly

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