#HOPE for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria crashed across the entire U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, making landfall with winds approaching 150 mph (240 KPH). Widespread destruction from the worst storm to hit in nearly a century has left almost the entire island without power, and many without running water or cell service.

Stars of HOPE focuses on the fourth element of recovery.


If you are a public school professional please contact Josh@starsofhopeusa.org for information on how to empower your students, create teachable moments of empathy, and healing compassion.

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Today we are building our HOPE BANK for Puerto Rico through school paint projects and community paint projects giving children and survivors of prior disasters the opportunity to help in the recovery and healing process.

Although it will be some time until Stars of HOPE are deployed we will continue to grow hope for Puerto Rico. Where do I send my Stars of HOPE after I have painted them for Puerto Rico?

c/o Josh Garcia
200 Agnes Ct. #30
Orlando, FL 32801

Box of Hope Kit

New York Says Thank You plus Stars of Hope Equals Stars of Hope Box of Hope