You can transform tragedy into HOPE… one star at a time

You, your children, family, friends, or colleagues … and anyone else you wish to empower with the opportunity to create Stars of HOPE, are now part of a growing ‘pay it forward’ service movement that is bringing hope and healing to people around the world one star at a time.

But there is one thing you should know. Stars of Hope is NOT an arts and crafts project. These stars are not meant for you to keep. They are meant to teach the importance of giving. They are meant to teach empathy. They are meant to teach the power of words and designs when expressing compassion. And these stars are meant to show your children and their friends that they can make an impact on any other person anywhere in the world by asking one simple question: Who needs hope?

If you have painted stars you want to return to Stars of HOPE, individual HOPE BANK shipping information is listed with each of the active HOPE ALERTS or you may email Josh Garcia.



Hope takes teamwork! To continuously create, empower, and heal through the power of our stars, we need partnerships with caring people, like-minded organizations and responsive corporations that understand the importance of HOPE and healing for struggling communities and individuals.

Stars of HOPE is creating a “new category” of corporate volunteerism by enabling in-office, hands-on disaster relief volunteering. This new dynamic empowers everyday volunteers to participate in the recovery process for disaster survivors by expressing their compassion and connectivity in a way that provides daily emotional support over the long-term recovery period.

The “Box of HOPE” platform enables corporate volunteers to make an impact anywhere in the world by creating their own Bank of Hope from their hand-painted Stars. In this new construct, Stars of HOPE is creating systemic change in traditional disaster relief protocols and corporate volunteerism in response to disasters.



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Tag us in your posts so we, too, may follow you and watch the power of the human connection as you create, empower, and heal communities and countries around the globe. #StarsofHOPEUSA or #CreateHOPE. The power of the Stars are evident as you share your support ‘socially’, you also create much needed awareness to those communities and survivors needing support and HOPE.

Following our social media will inspire you to continue to ‘pay it forward’ as we share encouraging stories of HOPE made possible by our generous donors and incredible volunteers and ambassadors who are making a positive difference across the globe each and every day.


Stars of HOPE is a program of the New York Says Thank You Foundation, a recognized 501c3 organization. All gifts are tax deductible.