BLOG: How Kids Are Changing the World

BLOG: How Kids Are Changing the World

Meet Roxie, 9 years old from Florida and how she helps Stars of HOPE with her parents. Roxie is showing the world how kids can make a diffrence by understanding what is going on in the world today and taking action!

Roxie was asked how she liked showing others how to create hope and here is what she had to say!

For my 9th Birthday, I flew to Houston to work with my mom’s and Stars of HOPE for their project with HOPE Worldwide and the SPARK Program. Doing the Stars of HOPE for my birthday was really great!

I was able to do something that I usually don’t get to do at other Stars of HOPE events I’ve volunteered for. I was the greeter, that meant I talked to every person that came and taught them where to write, paint and to keep the hole up the top of the star. I also told them about the media release and explained to them that they can’t keep their star…

…because it is going to someone who needs hope.

Not keeping the star I painted was a little sad because I got attached to it but I knew it was for someone else so that made it better. At other Stars of HOPE projects, I have been the photographer, but I like being the greeter best.

Some of my favorite things about Stars of HOPE is that there isn’t an age limit on who can paint, that I can take breaks and I still get to paint a star even though I am volunteering. My Mom’s helped me get started at the greeter job because I never had that job before. Doing the work for Stars of HOPE made me feel happy.

Thank you, Roxie, for continuing to bring HOPE across the country and all your help at our community projects. Roxie has helped at two Orlando projects, Houston, TX, and at the Panhandle Florida.

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