How to Talk to Your Kid About Mass Tragedies

The last few years have brought changes in the world that most adults never thought we’d see in our lifetimes. We can only imagine how scary it must be to be a kid right now. Mass shootings in their schools. A global pandemic. A war in Europe. What can we tell them about what’s happening? […]

The HOPE Bank: How donating hope is like donating blood

Did you know that we all have two different kinds of hearts? Just as your physical heart pumps blood through your body, your emotional heart sends your feelings throughout the world. Where the physical heart needs blood, the emotional heart runs on hope. Everybody knows the process of donating blood. But fewer people know what […]

You Will Laugh Again

This blog deals with depression and suicide. If you or someone you know is in need of immediate assistance, help is available here. The world is badly in need of reasons to hope. As we write these words in March of 2022, we are two years into a global pandemic that has claimed the lives […]

Hope for Doomscrollers

It’s not an “empathy deficit”—it’s emotional exhaustion. Here’s how to recognize the signs and heal them in yourself and others.

What is Social Healing?

9/11 Community members coming together every year for 20 years

Social Healing is a phrase used to describe the work we do. But what exactly does that mean? We’ll explain it, using examples from the organizations and people who make up the movement.

Heal Yourself by Healing Others

From the moment tragedy strikes, community members heal each other through art. Our mission is simple: We want to provide communities impacted by disaster with the tools they need to express their grief and rebuild hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Hope Spotlight – Josh’s Story

Pulse, Orlando, and the tragedy that followed transformed Josh Garcia from nightclub operations director to a man on a mission for hope. This is his story.