Turn your family gathering into a day of hope Stars of HOPE is the perfect project to bring your family together to connect to others and remind them they are not alone. Create HOPE during holiday gatherings, birthday parties, family reunions, or after Sunday dinners. Turn any gathering into a pay-it-forward bonding experience.

Did you know? when you get a box you give a box to a community project Get a Box of HOPE Kit Your Box of HOPE will arrive with everything you need to create hope with your friends and family. This project will help teach empathy, compassion and helping others. Get Your Kit Now Create your message of HOPE Paint messages of hope and healing on a one-foot wooden star, write your name and a message on the back. Your star will bring hope to a community or individual. Give someone the reminder of HOPE Ship your Stars of HOPE to our "HOPE Banks". Local volunteers will deliver your messages to those impacted by a disaster or deliver them locally to someone in need of HOPE - from across the street to across the world. Active HOPE Banks How it Works

Download the full research study understanding our impact If you are a community impacted by disaster or tragedy and would like to host a Stars of HOPE project contact us. Email us now
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