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Stars of HOPE is a global healing program that creates hope and peace in communities around the world. We believe beauty can help people heal from tragedy, trauma, and loss by bringing art into their lives.

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How does this work

Let us help you with your next social impact project! Schedule a quick call with us! We will learn more about your values, project dates and times, as well as what materials you need.


It’s the day of our project! Our team will lead and inspire participants to become a part of “Who Needs Hope?” To start off, each session is guided by grounding techniques then followed up with sharing stories.

After the project is complete, your Stars of HOPE will be sent to areas that have been impacted by a tragedy. Our hope is for individuals living in these locations to feel inspired and grateful after receiving your colorful stars filled with positive messages!

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Please Ship completed stars to:

2678 Arctic Thyme Vw. #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.