Creating HOPE Together

Sowing the seeds of empathy, hope, and compassion


Projects For Your Classroom

Stars of HOPE® projects are tangible expressions of hope and healing, using art to empower students and help communities recover from tragedy.

How does this work

Schedule a quick connector call with us! Our team will go over our lesson plan, project dates and times, and any materials needed.

It’s the day of the project! Our team will facilitate and engage participants to join the conversation of “Who Needs Hope?” Each project is kicked off with a guided grounding technique and followed up with a “Show and Tell.”

After the project is complete your Stars of HOPE will be turned into a mosaic Banner of HOPE. Banners are delivered to local hospitals, senior centers, firehouses… where ever participants feel HOPE is needed.


Community Resilience

Grief is a universal human experience. We created Stars of HOPE to help with the healing process following tragedies large and small by providing healing art projects for communities in need.

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How does this work

If your community has endured a tragic event, let us provide art as a tool in your communities healing process. Our art therapists and staff will develop an individualized program that fits the unique needs of you or others affected by tragedy using Therapeutic Art .

We understand that what you need is your voice in the conversation. Our project will give a safe space for community members to express themselves and let their voices be heard through dialogue, activities, writing exercises and workshops with peers who have experienced similar tragedies.

After your Stars of HOPE are complete, our goal is to empower each person with the therapeutic tool of art while providing hope for another grieving community. Our mission will be achieved by using your stars in a way that helps them heal and gives back to others impacted by tragedy.


Projects For Your

Stars of HOPE is a global healing program that creates hope and peace in communities around the world. We believe beauty can help people heal from tragedy, trauma, and loss by bringing art into their lives.

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How does this work

Let us help you with your next social impact project! Schedule a quick call with us! We will learn more about your values, project dates and times, as well as what materials you need.


It’s the day of our project! Our team will lead and inspire participants to become a part of “Who Needs Hope?” To start off, each session is guided by grounding techniques then followed up with sharing stories.

After the project is complete, your Stars of HOPE will be sent to areas that have been impacted by a tragedy. Our hope is for individuals living in these locations to feel inspired and grateful after receiving your colorful stars filled with positive messages!


Make Stars of HOPE Part of Your Family Tradition

There is no limit to when and where you can bring more light into the world through Stars of HOPE. The magic behind Stars of HOPE is the connection you make with someone, making HOPE tangible while combating the sense of loneliness. 

How does this work

Did you see a story on the news about a community impacted by a natural disaster or human-caused tragedy? Or a family in need that could use some hope now and in the weeks and months ahead? 

challenge everyone to think of the words, expressions, or designs That can lift the spirits of the people you will be sending messaged stars. Remember, people will see your Stars of HOPE every day with the reminder that your family and friends genuinely care about them.

Take your Stars of HOPE down the block or across town, deliver them yourself, or hang them with ribbons from fences, poles, or trees at a local firehouse, nursing home, or even on a tree in your front yard. The goal is to inspire HOPE for others. You can also ship your Box of HOPE back to us, and your Stars will inspire the next community in need. 




Due to the current landscape surrounding the current health crisis, all regional “HOPE Banks” are condensed to our “National Hope Bank.” 

National Stars of HOPE Bank
1022 Crestwood Commons Ave.
Ocoee, FL 34761

Thank you for creating hope during these challenging times.

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