About Us

“Without hope we cease to exist.” – John Lewis

Our Impact

     “It was humbling to see the love, support and hope sent from
      around the country and know that we are not alone in the journey
      of healing. As I continue to say, the symbolism of these
      Stars of HOPE surrounding that awful place is so powerful.”
                                                                                  – Jessica B. San Bernardino

Stars of HOPE® empowers children of all ages to transform communities and individuals in need of hope through the power of art and messages of healing. Stars of HOPE have transformed 180 communities in 26 countries impacted by tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes as well as acts of violence such as mass shootings, war, and industrial accidents.

Since 2007 we have empowered 80,000 volunteers, including school children, families, seniors, first responders, veterans, active military, partner organizations, and entire communities to paint inspirational words, messages, and designs on 1-foot wooden Stars. These Stars of HOPE are displayed in public places in communities  worldwide in the immediate and long term aftermath of tragedy serving as beacons of hope and compassion for all to see.

After a disaster, relief organizations come in and help with food, clothing and shelter. We come with HOPE.  Stars of HOPE is accelerating the healing process and strengthening the long-term mental health and resiliency of individuals and entire communities impacted by disaster.

“After witnessing the immediate and incredible impact of Stars of HOPE in San Bernardino recently to help survivors and victims’ family members heal, this is tangible proof that supporting the community’s emotional health and well-being after a crisis is just as important as the physical rebuilding and recovery process.” —Suzanne Bernier, Author of Disaster Heroes and President, SB Crisis Consulting


Our Key Messages

  • Stars of HOPE is a global movement of creativity, compassion and connections.
  • Stars of HOPE are a tangible way of paying it forward
  • Stars of HOPE go where people can’t.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

  • Love is stronger than hate.
  • Connect. Empower. Heal.
  • Anybody can make a difference in the world.
  • Stronger together.
  • Share your humanity – paint a star.

The Stars of HOPE program utilizes the latest scientific findings in positive psychology and heroism science to bring healing, growth, and resiliency to a world thirsty for loving kindness. The guiding principle behind Stars of HOPE is producing heroic transformation in people through their participation in compassion based community healing. There is no organization more effective in converting despair into love, loss into recovery, and tragedy into triumph. Through connective volunteerism and social transformation, the Stars of HOPE showcases the power of love and service in cultivating the best of humanity.</p> <p>Professor Scott T. Allison<br />


Professor of Psychology