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9/11 Memorial’s 5K Run/Walk and Community Day Creates 250 Stars of HOPE

TOP PHOTO L-R: Branding Consultant Fran Sheff-Mauer, NYSTY Board Members: Paige Ellison, Marty Plevel, and Shoshana Dweck; NYSTY Founder & Executive Director Jeff Parness [NEW YORK | April 23, 2018] – Stars of HOPE, a program of the New York Says Thank You Foundation, participated in the 6th Annual 9/11 Memorial’s 5K Run/Walk and Community Day, […]

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Symbols of Resiliency – Inspiration in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park

BY LEANN DILBECK – Resiliency looks different to everyone. It looks as different as the pain and adversity that drives a person to their inner depths to uncover what inspires their soul. Watching your home, everything you’ve worked for, every sentimental material item you treasure… along with the homes of your beloved friends and neighbors… […]

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Marwan Mahmoud Embodies Stars of HOPE

Stars of HOPE Founder and Executive Director Jeff Parness returned to Israel last week and shared the following blog: BY JEFF PARNESS – In the darkness, the stars shine the brightest. This is the reason I came back to Israel this week. Because of this photo. This man. These people. This place. This time. For […]

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Jeff Hoffman
Employees Send Hope in Times of Disaster and Tragedy

Often, it is a challenge to provide the right tools and resources in the workplace. “Stars of HOPE” is one solution.

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Flag Heart - Star of HOPE
HOPE for Veterans

Thank you Stars of Hope for giving our students an amazing opportunity to share Hope to hundreds of Veterans throughout CT.

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North Park Elementary School
Empowering survivors to heal by helping others….

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Star: Humane Society of San Bernadino
With Renewed Strength and Courage!

The following is a true life story! I share it with your readers because I want them to know that receiving a Star of HOPE truly did make a difference for me.

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high school students at Ramaz in New York City
Creating HOPE and Friendship

On December 8th, 2016, I had the opportunity to introduce the Stars of Hope USA to high school students at Ramaz in New York City.

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Jolene Verdehyou
My Journey of Hope & Healing – A Survivor’s Story

Normal morning. Normal life. Until one day on December 2, 2015, everything came crashing down right in front of me. Words could not describe the way I felt in that given moment - I was in utter shock and disbelief, but I acted strong for the sake of my family. In that time, I was put into a stage of numbness, as if I had no emotions. I was empty, maybe even heartless. The one thing that kept me strong were the words my mom used to tell me: “If I die, I don’t want anyone grieving over me.”

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Orlando FL Fireman
With Open Arms and Open Doors

We just had the privilege of doing a Stars of HOPE® project in Orlando. The remarkable employees of Loews Hotels created 1200 Stars of HOPE to bring smiles and hugs to a community very much in need. They took time out of their day to express their creativity and compassion for their community and add a little hope to the city of Orlando. The experience was heart warming.

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