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Kansas Fires 2017

Who needs more HOPE than the Ranchers in Kansas?

On March 6th, the towns of Ashland, Protection, Coldwater, and Englewood, to name a few, in Clark County, Kansas, were devastated by the biggest wildfire ever, but residents aren’t giving up. To quote Matt Deighton, “it is Armageddon.”

On Monday the 6th a cold front brought very strong winds to the plains of Kansas. Gusting in some areas at over 50 mph and accompanied by low relative humidity, any wildfires that were ignited spread very rapidly, and often exceeded the capabilities of firefighters.

The fire burned more than a half a million acres, making it the worst wildfire in Kansas history.

Ranchers lost not only their ranches but their cattle as well. It is estimated that over 6,000 livestock were destroyed.  Yet through the devastation, in the county of just 2,200 – residents are lifting each other up and lending their hands. And no one has given up the fight.

“There is hope,” said Mayor Kendal Kay of Ashland, KS. “I haven’t heard one time this week that we are done. This is going to be a major hurdle to overcome, but we will build back stronger than ever – and there has not been one hint of thinking otherwise.”

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Please mail your painted Stars of HOPE to:
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